Ground Support Equipment

Ground Support Equipment

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Ground Support Equipment

Without ground support equipment, you wouldn’t be able to do much more than just sit there. Every piece of ground support equipment has a part in helping to keep your operations running smoothly. From the most high-tech to the simplest to use, each piece of ground support equipment has a specific purpose.

Dump Stands

Dump Stands are essential for hauling off excess sand and gravel from your construction site. Large excavated areas require the use of heavy machinery, and that machinery needs somewhere to dump its debris. Without a dump stand, the machinery would have to be repositioned after each bucket of material was emptied, which is both time-consuming and inefficient. Using a ground support dump stand ensures your equipment will be ready to go whenever you need it.


At many quarries and mines, the use of mobile ground support equipment (GSE) is crucial for keeping machinery operational. Forklifts are one of the most common types of machines used in this role, and they’re often responsible for transporting heavy loads of stone or other materials from one area to another. Because of their large size, it can be challenging to safely maneuver these machines. To help ensure that they don’t cause any damage to the environment or surrounding infrastructure, the operators of these machines should be well-trained and understand how to use them properly.

Rollers and Casters

Casters and rollers are used for moving heavy objects. You can use them for moving machines, furniture, and other equipment. There are different types of casters and rollers. In some cases, you can get casters that are motorized. These are very helpful for moving heavy equipment or large items.

Safety Equipment

With many people working at a single facility, a ground support center is often a busy place. As many of these facilities work with sensitive materials, they need to have the right equipment to keep the work environment safe. Such work also generates a lot of scrap metal, and this scrap metal should be handled properly to prevent injury.


The ground support equipment is the stuff that keeps the belt running smoothly and the conveyor system working properly. It is important for the belt to run smoothly to prevent the products from getting caught and stopping. The ground support equipment includes the belt tensioners, the sheaves, the pulleys, and the belt cleaners.

Pneumatic Tools

Pneumatic ground support equipment is a type of pneumatic tool used for the purpose of breaking up compacted earth, removing burrs and other debris from concrete or metal surfaces, and even raising or lowering earth levels. It includes devices like augers, scrapers, blowers, compactors, cutters, and many more.

Electrical Equipment

Ground support equipment includes uninterruptible power supplies (UPSs), inverters, transformers, and other equipment used to create an isolated ground power supply for critical pieces of equipment. This equipment is necessary because a power outage will impact the operations of almost every piece of equipment on the plant. The ground support equipment ensures that the plant doesn’t lose its ability to operate because of a power supply disruption.


After your production floor and the supporting equipment have been installed, the next step is to protect them from the elements. You can do this by installing a roof on the structure or by adding a canopy or shade over the equipment. If you don’t want to use a permanent structure, you can also create one with a tarp or shade cloth.

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